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Upcoming issues / Call for proposals

Each thematic issue contains 8–12 articles selected by a Guest editor after a double-blind peer-review process.

Each issue also contains 2-4 non-thematic articles in a ‘Varia’ section.

For more information on our Editorial Policy, see

Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by email. Editorial decisions often take four months.

  1. Disciplines and Language

All topics should relate to the Anglophone world (eg. in the choice of corpus, theoretical framework, etc.), without limitation on the discipline or the approach chosen. We particularly welcome proposals that include different sub-disciplines, periods, geographic areas, etc.

All submissions must be in English. Quotations in languages other than French should include a translation.

  1. Proposals for New Thematic Issues

Prospective Guest editors who wish to propose a new theme for an upcoming issue are invited to send the following data to the General Editor:

  • name, email, affiliation, short bio;

  • proposed topic for the thematic issue, with a rationale or sample Call for Papers (preferably 500 words; 750 words max.);

  • list of prospective contributors (if applicable).

Proposals are examined on a rolling deadline. Editorial decisions for new thematic issues often take two months.

Please note that proposals stemming from conference proceedings are acceptable only if guest editors are willing to expand and rework the prospective issue in line with the editorial policy of the journal.

To send a proposal for a new thematic issue, or for any inquiries, contact the General Editor:

  1. Proposals for the ‘Varia’ Section

Please send your proposals for the ‘Varia’ section to:

Proposals for the ‘Varia’ section are examined on a rolling basis and subject to a double-blind review process.

Submissions that do not apply the journal’s in-house style will not be examined.

A complete stylesheet and other details can be found online on the journal’s website:

  1. Upcoming Thematic Issues and Call for Papers

Dedicated calls for papers may be posted for some of the upcoming issues (listed in alphabetical order, not by order of publication):

For more information on these thematic issues, please contact the Guest editor(s) directly, as each issue has its own deadline.


Editor : Yan Brailowsky

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