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Graphic Interlude

Angles and Limes

frPublié en ligne le 20 septembre 2016


Cet interlude iconographique comporte une sélection de photographies illustrant à leur manière le thème de ce numéro: « Angles et limites ».


This graphic interlude features a selection of photographs which can illustrate the topic of this issue: “Angles and limes”.

Georgia Kuhn (British), Untitled, from the series Ways, 2013 (© the photographer)

Georgia Kuhn (British), Untitled, from the series Ways, 2009 (© the photographer)

Andrew J. Russell, Citadel Rock, Green River Valley, Wyoming, 1868 (Library of Congress)

Walker Evans, Bethlehem graveyard and steel mill, Pennsylvania, 1935 (Library of Congress)

Carol M. Highsmith, Frontier Motel, Tuxston, Arizona, 2009 (Library of Congress)

Carol M. Highsmith, Young peach trees in the orchard-filled town of Palisade, outside Grand Junction, Colorado, 2015 (Library of Congress)

Robert Bakewell, An Introduction to Geology, illustrative of the general structure of the earth; comprising the elements of the science, and an outline of the geology and mineral geography of England, 1813 (from the British Library's collections, 2013)

John Timbs, Curiosities of London ... A new edition, corrected and enlarged, 1871 (from the British Library’s collections, 2013)

Jack Delano, A view of the old sea town, Stonington, Connecticut, 1940 (Library of Congress)

Andrew J. Russell, Shadow Lake, Uintas, c.1868-1870 (Library of Congress)

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Georgia Kuhn, Andrew J. Russell , Walker Evans , Carol M. Highsmith , Robert Bakewell , John Timbs , Jack Delano (2016). "Graphic Interlude". Angles - Angles and limes | The journal | Angles and limes.

[En ligne] Publié en ligne le 20 septembre 2016.


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A propos des auteurs

Georgia Kuhn

Georgia Kuhn is a contemporary British photographer who specializes in open-air photography and “industrial-natural landscapes”. She currently resides in North Wales.

Andrew J. Russell

Andrew J. Russell was a 19th-century photographer of the US Civil War and the Union Pacific Railroad.

Walker Evans

Walker Evans was an American photojournalist who notably documented the Great Depression for the Farm Security Administration.

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Carol M. Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith is a contemporary US photographer who has begun a multi-year project that involves photographing 21st  Century America for the Library of Congress, picking up where Lange left off during the WPA project of the 1930s. See

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Robert Bakewell

Robert Bakewell (1768–1843) was an English geologist.

John Timbs

John Timbs was a 19th-century English author and antiquary. He was also known as Horace Welby.

Jack Delano

Jack Delano, born Jacob Ovcharov in Ukraine, was a Farm Security Administration photographer in the United States whose work also included documenting Puerto Rican folk material.


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