Angles fr Lodel 0.9 Call for papers: Digital Subjectivities This issue of Angles, the new online journal published by the SAES, aims to examine the evolution of subjectivities and our sense of self in response to digital technologies, apparatuses and practices.The latest developments in digital technologies — cloud computing, digital personal assistants such as Siri or Alexa and connected objects, from smartphones to smart fridges — redefine interactions between humans and machines. These devices constitute as many prostheses of our bodies: they signal the advent of the augmented self on an industrial scale. We are enticed in a myriad ways to spend more and more time online; simultaneously we are being subjected to the digital harvesting and exploitation of our personal data on a massive scale, through the systematic collection of the traces we leave in the digital world, willingly or unwillingly. What remains of our privacy or our autonomy in the age of the quantified self? How do these techniques and devices affect political and social categories such as public space, social interactions, accountability, engagement etc.? The standardisation of interfaces, together with the focus on code and calculus, also impact our use of language and the general rules of self-expression.It thus appears that networks, screens and connected objects all have a bearing on our experience of self. Do information techniques redefine how we relate to the world, for instance by altering our modes of perception or our forms of expression? What can we make o... jeu., 19 janv. 2017 00:00:00 +0100