Video introduction to issue #10

Par Cécile Dudouyt et Jacob Maillet
Publication en ligne le 26 mars 2020


This video introduces the thematic contributions on ‘Creating the Enemy’.

La vidéo présente les contributions thématiques sur « L’image ennemie ».


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Quelques mots à propos de :  Cécile Dudouyt

Guest editor of Issue #10. Cécile Dudouyt is assistant Professor at Paris 13 where she teaches French-English Translation and Translation Studies. Her research explores the reception of Sophocles in English and in French from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Contact:

Quelques mots à propos de :  Jacob Maillet

Guest editor of Issue #10. Jacob Maillet teaches legal English and Constitutional Law at Paris University. He has worked on the influence of the enemy image on both American domestic and foreign politics, from the Cold War to the present day. Contact: