Sandrine Sorlin

Sandrine Sorlin is Professor of English language and linguistics at Aix-Marseille University and a fellow member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Specialized in stylistics and pragmatics, she has published books on linguistic defamiliarisation in English literature (La Défamiliarisation linguistique dans le roman anglais contemporain, PULM, 2010) and on language and authority in a historical perspective (Langage et autorité: de l’ordre linguistique à la force dialogique, PUR, 2012). She is also the author of a handbook of stylistics (La Stylistique anglaise. Théories et Pratiques, PUR, 2014) and the co-editor of The Pragmatics of Personal Pronouns with Laure Gardelle (John Benjamins, 2015). She has recently published a monograph on an American political TV series (Language and Manipulation in House of Cards: A Pragma-Stylistic Perspective, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). She is the current chair of the Société de Stylistique Anglaise. Contact:

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