Joachim Zemmour

Joachim Zemmour has worked as a literary translator since 2009. He specializes in what is traditionally known as “speculative fiction” (fantasy literature, science fiction, supernatural fiction). In 2012, he defended a PhD dissertation on the subject of polysyndeton (in the field of translation studies), under the direction of Pr. Nicole Ollier, at Bordeaux Montaigne University. He then taught for three years at Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle University, before moving to the University of Perpignan (UPVD) in 2017. Recently, Joachim Zemmour translated Alexis Wright’s The Swan Book (Le Livre du Cygne, in the French translation), an Aboriginal fantasy and social science fiction novel, for Actes Sud (2016), as well as Ceridwen Dovey’s Animals, a collection of short stories in which the main characters are all animals, for Héloïse d’Ormesson (2016). Contact:

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