Charles Joseph

Doctor in American Studies, my research focuses on the territories of Los Angeles and Southern California, their history, their culture, their singular operating mechanisms as well as the different levels of influence that such iconic places produce. My PhD dissertation entitled “Being and writing (from) Los Angeles: Wanda Coleman” (carried out under the supervision of Hélène Aji, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, and Éliane Elmaleh, Université du Maine, defended in June 2014) is situated at one of the many converging points between literature and territoriality and examines the complex and evolving relationship between the work of the African-American author and the city that harbored her birth, life and death. Symbolism and representation cannot be ignored when dealing with Los Angeles and its many facets, and I consequently developed an interest in the implications and practices of the entertainment industry based in the city. The TV series business is deeply rooted in Los Angeles and its history, and exploring this specific form has become a useful research tool. Because of its increasing power within the Hollywood industry, I also investigate the super-hero genre. Discussing the comic genre and commenting on its different levels of apprehension/adaptation is a growing research activity which I intend to pursue in the years to come. I am, for the time being, a teaching assistant at the University of Tours, France. Contact:

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