Catherine Chauvin

Catherine Chauvin is a lecturer in English studies at Université de Lorraine (Nancy), where she teaches linguistics, grammar, phonetics and translation. She has written several papers on the expression of spatial relations (prepositions, particles, types of verbs, V-framed/ S-framed opposition), and has edited Sémantique des relations spatiales, Faits de Langues, Peter Lang (2013) on the topic. She has also written on coherence / cohesion, expressivity, degree marking, subjectless / verbless sentences, and reduplication; the studied language is English and/or English as contrasted to other languages. She is also interested in the non-linguistic representation of language problems, and has written one paper on the depiction of fictional dialects in literature; she has also recently given several papers on language and humour, focusing particularly on stand-up comedy. Contact:

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