Ingrid Sankey

Teacher of History, Geography and Globalization at ESPOL (European School of Political and Social Sciences) attached to UCL (Université Catholique de Lille). Ingrid Sankey holds a PhD in British civilization from the University of Lille 3. Her thesis (defended in 2008) dealt with the issue of Indirect Rule in the Indian Princely States in the heyday of the British Empire. She is currently teaching a course entitled “History, Geography and Globalization” at the ESPOL and history and geography for an international OIB (option internationale du baccalauréat) section at Thérèse d’Avila European High School in Lille. She has been a member of the SARI (Society for the promotion of Research and Activities on the Indian worlds) since 2008 and contributed to several SARI conferences and publications on India, Africa and Globalization. Her paper entitled “Les princes et le Raj britannique ou les aléas du système d’administration indirecte dans l’Empire des Indes” was published in Decolonization and the Struggle for National Liberation in India (1909-1971), edited by Thierry Di Costanzo and Guillaume Ducoeur, in Anglo-American Studies (vol. 48), Peter Lang Edition, 2014. Her main research topics focus on the analysis of cultural representations and intercultural issues, exoticism, colonial and post-colonial issues, industrial Britain, British society in the 19th century, Global history and geography and Globalization. Contact:

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