Anna Aublet

Anna Aublet is Doctoral fellow at Université Paris Nanterre under the supervision of Prof. Hélène Aji. Her dussertation “L’oracle en son jardin, William Carlos Williams & Allen Ginsberg.” focuses on the programmatic, poetic and epistolary correspondence between the two poets. She is the recipient of a scholarship by IDA (Institut des Amériques) and went to study Williams’ and Ginsberg’s extensive archives in Stanford, CA, Buffalo, NY and New York, NY. Recent papers include:“—Now my garden is gone”: Allen Ginsberg ou l’impossible nostos (Séminaire Carte et Territoire, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris – Ulm, March 2015); “‘A new minting of the words’: William Carlos Williams et la lettre sonnante et trébuchante” (Séminaire Valeur et Signe, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris – Ulm, April 2016); “‘Time then to make a home in wilderness’: Allen Ginsberg’s elusion strategy” (European Beat Studies Network meeting, Brussels, October 2015); “‘El humus necesario en una tierra nueva’: William Carlos Williams’ extra-vagrancies in the New World” (“Modernités dans les Amériques”, IDA, November 2015); “’As Machines eat all Names and Forms’: Allen Ginsberg’s American Angel Machine” (European Beat Studies Network meeting, Manchester, June 2016). Contact:

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