Jerome Fletcher

Jerome Fletcher is an academic/writer/performer. He is Associate Professor of Performance Writing and the MFA co-ordinator at Falmouth University. His practice-led research focuses on the relationship between digital text and performativity. He has edited issues of Performance Research Journal on Digital Writing and the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice on Performance Writing. His digital textwork, Pentimento was short-listed for the New Media Writing Prize 2012. As a page-based writer he has published seven books — three children’s books with OUP, Scholastic and Corgi, 3 literary concept books with Dedalus and a translation of a French novella. His own work has been translated into eight languages. He has also made a number of artist’s books and experimental texts. His performance works are collaborative and multimodal, comprising live voice, projection, digital text generation and sound. He has performed at the Barbican London, Kunsthalle Vienna, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Leo Koenig Gallery New York, as well as in Naples, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona and Prague. His latest work, The Fetch, was performed at the Centre Pompidou Paris in September 2013 and at Cerisy La Salle in June 2016. Contact:

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