Graphic Interlude
New Approaches to The Body: Performance, Experimentations

Par James McLaren, Casey Orr et Elaine Constantine
Publication en ligne le 20 décembre 2015


This graphic interlude features a selection of photographs which can illustrate the topic of this issue: “New Approaches to The Body: Performance, Experimentations”.

Cet interlude iconographique comporte une sélection de photographies illustrant à leur manière le thème de ce numéro: « Nouvelles approches du corps: Performance, Expérimentations ».


Texte intégral

Drag Queens in Madrid 2014 © James MacLaren.


Old woman in Madrid, 2014 © James MacLaren.


'Ethyl's Hands' from Wool series, 2010 © Casey Orr.


'Michelle' from Animality series, 2015 © Casey Orr.


'Girl on Swing', 1999. Elaine Constantine © Industry Art.


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Quelques mots à propos de :  James McLaren

James McLaren is a Scotland-born photographer residing in Madrid (Spain). His street photography, including pictures taken in the streets of Spain, Japan and the USA, can be viewed online:

Quelques mots à propos de :  Casey Orr

Casey Orr is a photographer, researcher and Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University. She considers photography not only as a tool to document but also in its poetical relationship to metaphor in a continually changing world. She is supported by Leeds City Council, Leeds Beckett University and Arts Council England. Her work has been shown in various galleries in the US (Jen Bekman, New York, the University of the Arts, Philadelphia and San Antonio College Gallery, Texas), as well as in galler ...

Quelques mots à propos de :  Elaine Constantine

Elaine Constantine is renowned for her ecstatic, colourful portrayal of British youth culture and her documentary-inspired approach to fashion photography in the 1990s and early 2000s. She  has contributed to The Face, i-D, W Magazine, Vogue China, French, Italian and US Vogue. Her photographs are held in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London and have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Britain. See: